*Open Call for Zine Submissions for our first print edition! Please read the guidelines below and submit by November 25th!

We are always seeking submissions from creative humans! This magazine is meant to amplify and highlight the voices of marginalized communities - particularly, LGBTQ+ youth, young women, and people of color. We particularly like literary-inspired stuff, whatever that means to you. Literature makes you feel things and you want to express those things, so please do. Email any and all submissions to heroinescollective@gmail.com. Include your name (we sometimes, depending on the situation, will accept anonymous submissions), age, and the title of your piece. 

Pitch us an idea or send us a completed draft. We want anything you might create, but particularly: personal essays, critical essays, "ekphrastic"  work (meaning a response to a piece of lit or writing you've read), reading lists, fiction, even (to an extent) what could be called fanfiction based on books, visual art, poetry, contemplations, literary mixtapes, diary entries, book reviews.... anything that has to do with literature in some shape or form, go for it. If you want to interview someone, like a writer or any kind of creative, we'd be thrilled to let you do so on behalf of A Tired Heroine but please pitch us the idea first to get our approval. If we accept your submission, our editors will do their thing and make your piece the very best it can be. You will be published in a real magazine and you will be exceptionally awesome, so never be afraid to submit!! If we don't accept one piece, send us another! We're always happy to give you feedback on your work. At this time, we are composed of young broke students so unfortunately we cannot yet offer pay to our contributors but are actively working towards this goal!

If you'd like to become a regular contributor, please complete the application below. Duties include at least two submissions per month, promotion of the magazine on social media, assigned pieces from the editors, and a general dedication to the magazine! You'll have firsthand access to any Heroine events or projects we're working on, and the opportunity to start new projects, give us feedback, and, quite excitingly, become an editor. 

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