This is a platform for all "tired heroines" to explore and express all of the complicated, unruly, tempestuous pieces of personhood, particularly of young-queer-womanhood. This is digital soil for "difficult girls" to bloom and fester and hurt and create. This is a space not easily defined: literature, music, art, politics, personhood, all of it meshed and mismatched, all of it welcomed. This is, to borrow the writer Durga Chew-Bose's phrase, a "heart museum" of sorts; a girl woman nonbinary utterly frankly wonderfully queer museum of longings, weirdnesses, absurdities, contemplations, analyses. This is the expansion of Woolf's "room of one's own," a room of our own, an intersectionalizing of the room, a widening. This is a precipice, a threshold, an embrace of the liminal, of the in-betweens in life. In queerness. In art. In thoughts. In gender. In everything. 

I'm Sofia, and I run/edit this website, this platform, and I don't quite know how to do anything half-heartedly, but also, anything easily. And so to call this space a magazine or a blog or whatever isn't possible for me. I am embarking on a gap year, and that gap between my adolescent world and whatever comes next terrifies and excites me, so here I am, here this space this. Here I will write, create, share, and open the space to anyone who wants to do the same. The archetypes women (and mostly everyone) are expected to adhere to can rarely contain all that a woman actually is. So any heroine expected to fit into a box must be quite tired. Anyone expected to fit into any box must be quite tired. This pink-soaked landscape will be my defiance of those boxes. A resistance of the self, not to get too pretentious. An amplification of our complexity, unpredictability, tenuity. Please submit your work, whatever that entails. Please engage, reach out, ask questions, contribute! This is a community space and indeed a safe one, with all the room for complexity, messiness, and weirdness; all the feelings and thoughts - not bigotry, hatred, or small-mindedness.